Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ommegang's Three Philosophers

Cooperstown is known for the baseball Hall of Fame, but it also happens to make some great beers too.

Ommegang Brewery, part of the Duvel Belgian empire, is domiciled out there. Great hoppy brew. The one I've been fond of is the Abbey Ale. Tastes like a Trappist treat. Its fruity, nutty, has medium-plus body and is a perfect pair with cheese that bites back.

Recently,I had their Three Philosophers, which is also tangy and tasty. After a big swill your mouth feels like its sucking on fine Ecuadorian cacao with a touch of roasted chestnuts.

If I was forced to say what Three Philosophers this beer brought to mind I'd have to say Kierkegaard, Dewey, and Mo from the Simpson's. I think you'll find it as good good, maybe even better than Chimay's Blue label. Though I've loved that gnarly Belgian in the past my taste buds have been undergoing a transformation lately.

Drink it with a bowl full of nuts and Camembert.


  1. Mmmmmm...camembert! It's in my "Cheese" chapter of Bum-bye...yum! Hey, whatever happened to Lowenbrau? It's not sold here anymore. Remember their lame jingle? Here's to good friends, tonight is kind of special, the beer will pour...

  2. ps. your pineapple looks like it has a bad hangover!

  3. The pineapple was doing too much philosophizing.

    But, as for cheap beers as a diversion I like my Rolling Rock. Hard to beat

  4. Too much Dewey will do that to an otherwise perfectly fine pineapple.