Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guilty Movie Pleasures

Guess I am in one of those bonky moods. I feel compelled to share a top ten list of guilty movie pleasures. Usually, I pride myself on being this film dweeb who is a snob about everything from cinematography, shot-tracking, dialogue, narrative arc, fade-ins, segues, leitmotif and all this other spiffy stuff, but I'm going sweep that under the straw mat- for today anyway.

1) Rocky IV (the soundtrack rocks and I love that awesome Drago line You vill looose)
2) Wedding Singer (great cheesy flick. Love the scene where all hell breaks loose and the father-of-the bride bites Sandler's leg. Love Steve Buscemi's wedding toast "What were they again oh, yeah hookers)
3) Devil Wears Prada (Guys don't admit to liking it. Love Ann Hathaway. Tucci has all the best lines.)
4) Dirty Dancing ("Nobody puts baby in a corner." R.I.P Patrick.
5) Breakfast Club (Allie Sheedy's response to Judd Nelson's sex question: I'm a nymphomaniac. I'm a compulsive liar)
6)Selena (The late, great tejano star, played by a stunning J-lo. "I would do anything for S-E-L-E-N-A-S")
7)Goodfellas (Can't get enough of it. "Funny, funny how! Am I hear to amuse you?")
8)Sideways (How can any wino not love this. "I'm not drinking any Merlot.")
9)American Splendor (Love Paul Giamatti. I think he's the cat's pajamas. They should post his pic on a box of Cheerios.)
10)Bad News Bears (The Original with Walter Matthau. Nothing better than that Buttercrud, lush and Tatum O'neil playing catch.)


  1. I always view movies as a writer. It drives my husband nuts. The characters must be developed. It has to have unified theme. I can't stand when a plot doesn't make sense. He keeps telling me that's not where the art is in movies, but I just can't stand things that don't make sense.

  2. I couldn't agree more, but there are some movies that are in there own world. Action films, horror, teen trash, Will Ferrill, etc fall into this camp.

    I love films and I am usually partial to classics "Double Indemnity", "The Rope", "Summertime", "Notorious" and it drives me nuts that somebody had the audacity to make a movie recently called "Notorious" about the former rap star Notorious B.I.G (AKA Biggie Smalls). Couldn't have called their flick, Biggie Smalls.

    These are small gripes, but I wanted this post to be more about what I wouldn't ordinarily brag about enjoying.

    Do you have a favorite film? I know that's a lame question. It's aesthetics not rankings that matters.

  3. I laughed out loud at The Devil Wears Prada on your list, mostly because it's also very near the top of my "guilty pleasure" list. Good call on Sideways and American Splendor, too - Giamatti is the man. To your list, I'd add "50 First Dates" - I know, it's terrible, but for some reason it's in the "must-watch-whenever-stumble-across-on-cable" category. Other good crappy movies: Wonder Boys, Tommy Boy, Love Actually, Garden State, Major League....etc., etc....

    Loving the blog - following you now, too. (I thought I was before, but apparently not.)


  4. Hey Greg,

    Thanks for tuning in. Wonder Boys, Major League, and Garden State I'm with you on. Haven't seen 50 first dats. I'm a fan of "Garden State" Peter Saarsgard. When I was working in wine I had the chance to meet him and had spouted on a long diatribe on Barolo. He's a pretty smart cooking when it comes to vino. I had to bring on my a-game but it was fun. Think I should blog about some time.