Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaNo Plan B

Kids don't try this at home. I am about to do something that seems a bit cannibalistic. I going to eat my darlings. I started a novel for this year's NaNo that really isn't gelling with me. I take all the blame. I probably should have plotted it out a bit. The thing is I had a great idea months back and it got lost in the back of my mind.

So for National Novel Writing Month I ran with an idea that was probably better-suited story idea. Frankly, it didn't have the brick and mortar to make it as a novel. This is of course my opinion. Nonetheless, I have decided to cut my losses because I feel I'm at a stalemate in terms of story development. It's not writer's block. I am still punching away at my keypad it's just that the story isn't turning into fluff. And I don't endorse fluff. I don't eat fluff and I don't write.

So what's Plan B? Well, it just so happens that there was blog post I made months back about a topic that totally fascinated me. I'm willing to share it because if you can guess what that blog topic was you are entitled to a free copy of Shades of Luz. How's that for stealth diplomacy and promotion?

I figure this. I need to love what I am writing. Does this mean I probably don't have the makings of being a top ghost writer? Probably. But, I'm more interested in pushing the envelope of literature anyway. So don't worry about me.

Here's the hint. It's not about tennis. If you'll recall I did a few tennis posts in late August and early September. That narrows the field a bit.

Am I afraid that I might not hit my NaNo number by the end of the month? Not a chance. This is actually only the second time I've competed in NaNo, but when I first signed on in 2006 I was already a week late. Point is, I'm a prolific writer. And I indeed to bang out my 50,000 words and then some.

Will I share any of my posts? Well, certainly not before somebody has taken a good guess at my topic so I can send off a copy of Shades of Luz. But, I will do a weekly update on my progress.

Go ahead and reply to this and or any of my upcoming posts with answers to what you think my novel topic will be on.


  1. My official guess: The 9-11 Noble Ground Before It Shifts. That one demands a motion picture. Otherwise, Snaggletooth Meets Chihuahua...or perhaps The Virtual Bellybutton's Second Skin???

  2. All great guesses but no. I think this entitles you a complimentary kazoo. I don't about a motion picture for the 9/11 piece, but maybe an after school special.

  3. Does the kazoo at least come with a sing book? I'm still trying to guess which of your entries can go full circle...hmmm

  4. I meant song book...doing this from my iPhone...tiny keypad thingie...arrghh

  5. It doesn't have a song book and that's a good point. Let me see if I can rustle one of them there song books before doing anything too hasty.

  6. Check eBay...BeeGees greatest hits on kazoo...oh yeah! I could take that on the road...